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reviews about Peace,power and you
I absolutely love it. It's very succinct yet explains each segment in detail so we can understand. I love that it's all there together in the book, what you teach. I feel like you jump out of the pages, almost like I'm sitting, listening in one of your classes :-) Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read it!


reviews about Peace,power and you
A wonderful, concise yet easy to understand book about self value and self care. I love the short chapters, giving me bursts of clarity about myself and my own power. The book gives accessible tools that I’ve started using in my life and am already seeing a result.


reviews about Peace,power and you
I don’t generally read spiritual books but this one calls out to everyone! It’s simple, practical and straight to the point. A creative touch to use many ‘A’ ‘B’ and ‘C’ words in the relevant chapters, it kept the topic of ‘self change’ interesting, without losing it’s message. Very clever!


some wisdom from peace,power and you

Some Wisdom from

Peace Power and You...


Did you know that your attitude creates a vibration and this vibration creates the atmosphere? Regardless what we say or do, our attitude reveals how we really feel about anything. So it pays to know our own attitude because contradicting our authentic self causes anger and pain. Self awareness nourishes acceptance and appreciation. It sustains all-inclusive love and creates an attitude of gratitude and positivity. It allows me to adapt and accommodate the needs of others, without compromising my own value. It can also alleviate anger, angst or anxiety about any situation! When we resist life or deny our own power, anger and anxiety can grip hold of us in a second. It stops us from asserting our greater potential. If I don’t pay attention I will be at-tension, I will lose my power and stress will increase. Stress is the number one assassin in the world (no wonder it’s called the ‘silent killer’!)......


They say that history repeats itself. Don’t be a statistic. Instead, be a hero or heroine in your own life adventure! Don’t be hard-headed about any unhealthy habits, stay cheerful but hold firm in your pursuit to finish them. Instead of repeating history, make his-story or her-story, a new story of health, harmony and happiness. Life doesn’t have to be so dramatic when we understand that we do have some choice. Help comes when I help myself! Giving myself some habitual time for self reflection is fundamental. Using my courage to take habitual steps necessary to achieve my outcome of balance, harmony and hope is equally essential. And yes, learn from mistakes (I’ve learned to see the healthy difference between blundering and experimenting). Experimenting and exploring is a much gentler approach to living than blundering our way through. Being happy doesn’t mean everything is roses and sunshine, it just means I handle life in an honest and happier way. I harness my inner beauty, to look past the ‘fertiliser’ beyond the clouds and just decide to be happy — from the inside......


Today, there are many types of meditation; find one that works for you. Meditation’s gentle message speaks volumes in that the search for peace and love ends with me, the one in the mirror. So if you’re looking for ways to mend any type of pain, start meditating today. Start mentally decluttering. Don’t wait till you’re miffed with life or hit with mental mania. Regular meditation maintains inner calm, even when surrounded by stress, anger or fear. It reduces blood pressure, acidity in the body and helps prevent melt downs! Healthy nutrition is not just about the food our bodies digest, but about the thoughts we create in our mind and the beliefs we absorb in our hearts. Become the controller of your own diet, both physically and mentally......


We must focus on our purpose if we’re to stand firm and chart our lives. My daily purpose is to practice spirituality because it helps me live fully, regardless of any pain I may experience. If I adopt a pessimistic view, I don’t help anyone. Purpose (no matter how small) is something positive to hang onto and move towards. Paying attention to staying positive is primary, to not focus on any pain! Stress causes pain, people-pleasing causes pain. Therefore if we are to turn our pain into power, we must learn to wrangle our causes of stress and forget about living to please others.

Staying light and playful is important to stay present and open to life’s cornucopia. If I close myself off, my perception becomes cramped and pleasure becomes pain. Where is my focus? On the pain! Change is not about doing things perfectly, but about being positive, practical and persistent. Doing life hard is a choice; we can continue doing it hard, or we can practice making it easier for ourselves. I’ve found it tremendously helpful to allow myself to stay playful......


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  • Living in Australia, Annemarie plays many roles: a life-partner, author, independent publisher, speaker, facilitator, natural therapist, empowerment coach, spiritual guide and… a ‘gypsy’. She founded Resoulutions 4 life in 2006 to offer natural relief to people in pain, after working for over a decade in disability services, aged care and palliative care, where she saw regular misuse of pharmaceutical drugs.

    With a deep interest in human behaviour she attributes self transformation for her love of life, and for enabling her to help others find meaning and healing in theirs.

    Annemarie comes from a large family and has traveled broadly in her life. Living a ‘gypsy’ lifestyle, traveling Australia with her partner, she gives many talks and workshops to communities and groups looking for peace or alternative relief from stress, anxiety, depression and pain. They practice Raja Yoga Meditation daily and are living proof that spirituality sustains healthy, harmonious relationships.

    Living with chronic pain herself Annemarie uses natural therapies to stay happy and empowered, and is inspired to help remind others about self love and self care. Her main medication is meditation, a positive attitude and a high alkaline diet. She speaks from her heart and happily shares what she’s constantly learning about physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


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